Fun on A Weekend

Fun on A Weekend


Wanna know the real you babe
‘Cause I know you still being fake
Don’t gimme that poker face
Show me all your ace and glacé

I know this a wine dine space
Where people sit and acting strange
Keeps you hold back all the flame
Waiting to get out of frame

Yea I let you choose now baby
Amuse or stay bemuse baby
we go let go we go let go
We go let go we go let go

This place meant funproof baby
Let’s get out aloof baby
We go let go we go let go ooooo ooo
Should I ask for the bill
Then we

Stripped down together babe
Skip all the ego play
I’ll let you lead the way
Tell me when you ready to sway

Stripped down together babe
Fun on the weekend all the way
Chill along with Marvin Gaye
Wanna know the real you babe

Stop givin me those dimple flare
Zip sayin no words
Watch And stare
Save all those pose
For the vanity fair
I’m real here babe
Let’s laugh and swear